Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Cargoclix SLOT?

    Cargoclix SLOT makes it possible to schedule the loading and unloading of trucks directly online. Transporters benefit from shorter waiting times. As a site operator, you save demurrage and can make your personnel planning more efficient.

  2. How can I use Cargoclix for my company?

    At first, you should see a live demo of Cargoclix SLOT. Please, arrange it by clicking either on “Request a Live Demo” or call/email us directly by tel: +49 (0) 761 20 55 11 00, email: support@cargoclix.com.

  3. What benefits can Cargoclix SLOT bring to my company?

    SLOT delivers positive results right from the start, such as avoiding peak loads and unproductive idle times. From now on you can call up all this directly in your SLOT statistics at any time. See more benefits here.

  4. Can I use Cargoclix if I have only 2-5 trucks per day?

    Yes, you can use Cargoclix even with a small number of trucks since all the data that you have, will be in one place, including scheduling procedures, number of trucks per day, individual reporting documents etc.

  5. Can I connect my existing ERP or WMS system to Cargoclix SLOT?

    It is possible to connect Cargoclix SLOT to ERP/WMS systems via interface development. One time cost will be charged for this.

  6. Can I use Cargoclix SLOT for different capacity units?

    Storage of capacity limits such as personnel, forklifts or processing capacities is possible in Cargoclix SLOT system.

  7. How can I achieve transparency with all the parties involved in the logistics process?

    You will be able to see all the data booked by the suppliers before they arrive on site. The recording of incoming goods flows with planned time / clock time per truck, quantity and quality of delivered per shipment and balance delivered actual and desired amounts of contracts will be visible in SLOT system.

  8. What is Cargoclix ETA?

    Cargoclix ETA is a SLOT related product. ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) brings dynamism to your SLOT system. SLOT helps you to plan capacities and time windows. ETA displays the estimated time of arrival of the truck in the SLOT time slot booking. For more information, click here.

  9. What is Cargoclix TERMINAL?

    Cargoclix TERMINAL is a SLOT related product. With TERMINAL you reorganize your gate and the registration of drivers. Drivers can register in their own language via a fixed tablet or a terminal PC. Your employees will be relieved and communication with the driver will be considerably facilitated. For more information, click here.

  10. How much does Cargoclix SLOT cost?

    Each time slot booking costs 0,50 Euro.

  1. How can I register if I do not have an account in Cargoclix?

    For each company there is a registration link available. If you already received an invitation package for using Cargoclix SLOT system, you will find the registration link in these documents. If not, then, give us a call at +49 (0) 761 / 20 55 11 00 or send an email to support@cargoclix.com with the name of your customer company and we will send you the registration link.

  2. When will my account be activated after the registration?

    After you registered at Cargoclix, your account will be activated until the end of the working day.

  3. Do I have to register again if a new company asks to use Cargoclix?

    No, Cargoclix support team will add every new company into your existing account.

  4. How can I add a new company into my existing Cargoclix account?

    Send an email to support@cargoclix.com or give us a call at +49 (0) 761 / 20 55 11 00 and we will add the new company into your account.

  5. How can I make a booking in the system?

    You will receive an information package from the shipper company with all the relevant information on how to do booking in Cargoclix SLOT. If you do not have the user manual on how to do bookings in the system, please, check out this video.

  6. How do I know that my booking has been saved successfully in the system?

    If you see a little blue dot in the tab schedule after you saved and closed your booking, it means the booking has been saved in the system. In some cases, you will also get an email confirmation about the booking.

  7. I want to move/cancel/cut/edit my booking but it is frozen.

    If the booking is already outside of the booking period restricted by the shipper or already confirmed, you will not be able to move/cancel/cut/edit your booking. In some cases, the shipper can also disable the functions of cutting, copying, cancelling.

    Please, get in touch with the company of the shipper directly and they will do the necessary changes for you.

  8. When does the booking period begin/end?

    This can vary from company to company. Each ramp has its specific booking period defined by the shipper individually. Please, click on the magnifying glass next to the ramp name to see it.

  9. How can I see my bookings for a specific period of time?

    Go to the tab bookings next to the schedule, click on search, choose the dates from and to, click on search again and you will see all your bookings for the selected period.

  10. What do the different colors of the time slot mean?

    Dark grey / light grey time slots are not bookable.

    Diagonal striped time slots are already booked by other carrier companies.

    White time slots are available for booking.

  11. What can I do if I want to change the time of my booking?

    You can change the time of your booking by cutting and pasting it if the end of booking period still allows you to do so. Please, kindly note that moving is only possible if the booking is still within the booking period and still not confirmed.

  12. What can I do if there are no time slots available?

    If there are no white (free) time slots available for your delivery date, please, refer to the company of the shipper directly or book for another date.

  13. How can I book a repetitive (serial) time slot?

    Please contact the company of the shipper with all the relevant information

  14. How can I create a new account for my colleague if I am already a Cargoclix user?

    Please, follow the below steps:

    1. Please, go to My Cargoclix>Master Data>Personal Data and click on ,,Create a new user’’.
    2. After completing the registration, please send an email to support@cargoclix.com including the username and the CargoMarket name and we will activate the new account.

  15. How can I change my personal data in Cargoclix?

    1. Please, go to My Cargoclix>Master Data>Personal Data.
    2. Click on the button ,,Edit’’ below the page. 
    3. Edit the field needed. 
    4. Click on ,,Update’’ button below the page.

  16. What can I do if I get an error message “e.g. wrong username or password”?

    Please, click on the link “Forgot Password” or contact Cargoclix Support.

  17. What can I do if I get an error message “e.g. user is locked out because of many invalid attempts. Please contact the administrator”?

    Please, contact Cargoclix Support.

  18. How can I change the information of my booking?

    You can edit the data in your booking information only if it is still within the booking period. If the fields are not editable anymore, then enter the information in the comment section.

  19. How much does Cargoclix SLOT cost?

    There are no monthly fees or costs for registration. Each time slot booking costs 0,50 Euro.

  20. What can I do if the ramps are not displayed in the Schedule?

    Please, contact the responsible person from the company of the shipper.

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